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Our Story

Growing up surrounded by the enchanting world of math, Avonya Divinity, our founder, recognized the inherent beauty and challenges within each mathematical concept. Despite her own proficiency in math, Avonya understood that not everyone found it as intuitive. Fueled by a genuine joy in helping others and a love for solving mathematical puzzles, she embarked on a tutoring journey, initially assisting friends, family, and peers. This early experience ignited a passion for teaching, ultimately leading Avonya to become a certified math teacher.

Driven by the belief that every student deserves personalized attention, Thrive in Math was conceived. Avonya's aspiration to transcend the confines of the traditional classroom setting is rooted in the understanding that individualized guidance is often the key to unlocking a student's true potential in mathematics.



Our mission is to provide high-quality, one-on-one math tutoring that goes beyond conventional teaching methods. Whether a student is struggling to grasp new concepts or seeking additional challenges, we tailor our approach to meet each student's unique needs. Through personalized guidance, we aim to instill not only a proficiency in math but also a lifelong love for the subject.


At Thrive In Math, we envision a future where every student, regardless of their mathematical background, feels confident and empowered in their ability to tackle math concepts. We strive to create a learning environment that nurtures curiosity, resilience, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of mathematics.


Core Values

  1. Individualized Learning: We recognize the diverse needs of each student and tailor our tutoring to suit their learning style, pace, and specific challenges or strengths.

  2. Passion for Mathematics: We are driven by a genuine love for mathematics and believe in imparting this passion to our students, fostering a positive and enthusiastic mindset towards the subject.

  3. Empathy and Understanding: We understand that every student has a unique journey with math, and we approach tutoring with empathy, patience, and a commitment to their success.

  4. Continuous Growth: We believe in the continuous growth of both students and tutors. We adapt to the evolving educational landscape, incorporating innovative teaching methods to enhance the learning experience.

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