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Avonya Divinity

Certified Math Teacher


(912) 521 - 7095



Savannah, Ga

A Bit About Me

Hello, I'm Avonya Divinity, the founder of Thrive in Math and a certified math teacher based in Georgia. My journey in education began at Georgia State University, where I earned a Bachelor's in Media Entrepreneurship, blending my passion for math with a diverse skill set. With over five years of tutoring experience spanning middle, high school, and college levels, my commitment to empowering students in mathematics has only deepened.

Since graduating high school, I immediately immersed myself in tutoring College Algebra, sparking my dedication to helping students navigate the intricacies of math. Over the past three years, I've taken my expertise online through Zoom, engaging with over 50 students to provide personalized math instruction and instill confidence in their abilities. Having taught both 6th and 8th-grade math in traditional classrooms, I've impacted over 200 students, making learning interactive and enjoyable. The same enthusiasm I bring to the physical classroom is seamlessly carried into my virtual sessions on Zoom, where I leverage a variety of games and virtual manipulatives to make math come alive. My vision for Thrive in Math is rooted in the desire to offer tailored support to students struggling with new concepts or seeking advanced challenges, recognizing that personalized one-on-one guidance is often the key to unlocking their true potential in mathematics.

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